Thursday, September 9, 2010

Its that time of year again....

 Guess what time of year it is? Fall? Well...yes, but wrong answer. School begins? Yes...but, not what I was going for. Keep guessing! Give up? Oh ok. I'll tell you...  
Its time for the Office to start! YAY!  
Call Gabe and I fanatics, but we love the Office. We own all 6 seasons, and are waiting with baited breath for the 7th season to start in the next few weeks. Yes, the last few seasons of the Office have been a little lack luster, but I have high hopes for the new season. Although Steve Carell (Michael) is making this his last season, there are endless possibilities for story-lines to develop. What if Dwight becomes the new Office manager? What if Andy starts chasing after Erin again? What will happen to Toby if Holly returns? Will we ever find out what Creed really does? Will Recyclops make another appearance?
 I'm super excited for whats to come and yes, as lame as it is, I'll be watching the past 6 seasons to vamp up for the new season. So, I'll leave you with a rad website with Office quotes to get your Office blood pumping too. Enjoy

Office Quotes