Friday, April 23, 2010


Today I decided to go through copy all my old Xanga posts into a word doc.
I have hundreds of posts spanning from 2005-2007 that I definitely dont
want to loose. So, I thought I'd preserve some history and burn them all
off onto a cd. I still havent figured out a way to easily copy all the
comments from those posts- but for know at least I have the bulk of the

As I went through them after I'd finished copying them to the word doc, I
realized how much deeper I thought back then. Maybe it was because I was
writing on a weekly basis, or because I had time to sit down and formulate
my thoughts. Either way, when I sit down to write today, I can barely get
out a cohesive paragraph, let alone a meaningful blog post. Sigh.

So, this is my attempt at getting back into the groove. I’m trying to disciplining myself
to write again and to dive into deeper thoughts. Who knows- You might be
reading this and see that I havent updated this blog in over 3 years. Ha. I
hope not though. My hope is that I will continue the practice.

Heres to blogs! *Cheers*

P.S. Speaking of Cheers- I've never see that tv show. I always hated the
cinematography. When I've seen clips it looked orangy and yellowed. BARF.
It makes me think of brunt orange couches and old cheap mexican blankets
(no offense if your mexican). I guess its very 70's though, huh?
Ok...thanks. Bye.

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