Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goals, Resolutions and the New Year

"The common begin- but it's the uncommon who finish" ~ Donna Otto

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. The thought of them makes me think of people joining a gym and only working out once, or purposing to read more and only getting half way through a book. So, I’m usually not one to really make them- or at least make the cliché ones. There have been years in the past that I’ve made resolutions, and, just like the rest of America, I rarely follow through with them. It’s almost like we’re predestined to fail by the culture we live in. We’re told skinny is beautiful, and then bombarded with hamburger and pizza ads. We’re told that its important to be educated and highly intelligent, but then celebrities like Snookie, who are praised for being stupid and brazen, are the ‘it’ girls in media. The whole culture is a prime example of the “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality. And, it sets us up for failure. It’s only the truly focused, determined and motivated that accomplishes their goals, and maintains them year in and year out.

I don’t want to be causality to cultures double-minded ways. I don’t want to endlessly yo-yo from resolution to resolution- hoping and praying that I’ll be able to somehow ‘stick with it’, only to fail a week later. I don’t want to wallow in the guilt of failing and beat myself up for not accomplishing the goal. So, this year I’ve decided to make a goal to finish my goals. I don’t mean goals like going to the gym more often, I mean life changing goals that my motivation is more then societies peer pressure. I’m not making goals that aren’t doable, or setting myself up for failure by having unreal expectations. I’m taking it slow and easy. I’m making daily choices that will directly get me one step closer to accomplishing the goal I’ve set before me. Will there be days I fail? Yes. But, the beauty of it is that I can pick back up right where I left off. No harm done. No unnecessary guilt. The point is to reach the finish line, not to reach it in record time or in perfect performance.

So I suppose this year my ‘resolution’ is to become more disciplined and to persevere. This time next year I might not be able to say that I did something extraordinary or that I 100% completed every goal I have for myself. I'll pick new goals up through out the year, and some goals I'll drop due to them being unrealistic or unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. But, if I can say that I persevered and disciplined myself to daily make the choice to move forward, then that’s a success in my book!

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  1. That is precisely what I've been doing the last 3 years. I set before me goals that I have for the year that I hope to be mostly or completely accomplished by the end of that year. I usually have an overall theme that I feel God has place on my heart for that year, a focus.

    This year, my theme is "Taking Back What I Lost". I lost my health, the depth of intimacy with God, intimacy with others, and I'm still working on self-discipline. Within those categories, I have goals to help me get back my health, etc. For instance, I need to eat breakfast every day (never been my strong suit) and it very well may have been contributing to my fainting spells. I want "to try Zumba" and to "try yoga", both attainable wording. And my smaller goals under the other categories are worded in attainable ways as well. But everything is geared towards my overall goal of "Taking Back What I Lost". AND, I have several copies printed out that I posted on my bed headboard, above my bathroom sink, on the fridge and in my car. A constant reminder to help me stay focused.

    Go get'em girl! I know you can get there from here, and self-discipline is a PERFECT foundational attribute to work on that can only support you on your journey towards the "bigger and better" that God has placed before you!

    ~Leah Huber