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Growing out a pixie cut: in between hair styles

Anyone who's grown out there hair- whether its from a pixie cut, a short bob or even bangs, knows the growing out process is not fun. You spend 50% your time trying to figure out how to get your hair to grow faster, and then the other 50% trying to camouflage the awkward in-between stages while you wait to reach your goal.
Whether you realize it or not, there is a lot you can do with your hair while its growing to help with the painful process.  From headbands to braids, styling your hair in the growing out phase is essential to sticking to your guns and braving through the gawky stages. Here are some inspiration for styles you can try while growing out your hair from a pixie cut. Obviously I'm not a hair authority, so there are a million more things you could try. But these are just a few that worked for me.

1. Headbands 

Keeping my hair off my face
Where it all started

I started growing out my hair in Feb. 2010. It was very short and incredibly damaged, and there wasnt much I could do with it besides style it the way it was cut. So I started throwing headbands in my hair every chance I got. Plain ones, decorated ones, whatever matched my outfits and mood. It didnt change the fact that my hair was short, but it helped me feel like I was able to have a few options besides my plain pixie. 

2. Embracing your natural texture

Over the course of growing out my hair, one of the easiest ways to change my look was to go back to basics and let my curly hair be curly. It was hard, especially when you're hair is very short, curly hair can feel like you're walking into Golden Girls territory. I felt like the secret for me was to diffuse my hair with a blow dryer to add lift, while keeping my hair smooth with gel. It helped keep my hair bouncy and shiny without looking like a poodle.

3. Pull your hair back.

butterfly clips for a baby poof
Bobby pin central

Curly and pulled back
Whittle bitty ponytail

Slightly longer pony and a headband

Even if your hair is to short for a ponytail (like mine was in the first picture), you can play with pulling it back. Pull back your bangs, or create a poof at your crown with butterfly clips. Experiment with what works for your hair. Once my hair was long enough I pulled it into baby ponytails a lot. Maybe it looked silly, but I was proud that it had finally grown long enough!
Another option is to use bobby pins, and lots of them. When your hair is short it can be hard to get a bobby pin to hold anything back, but with a little practice, you can create some cute styles. A little hairspray and texturizing spray can help keep pieces that are to short under control.

4. Change your part. 


Its a simple thing, but makes a big difference. Changing your part can add body and lift if your hair is a little flat, plus it can help hide awkward layers as they grow.

5. Try some braids
My meager braiding attempt

Admittedly, I'm not very good at braids. Now that my hair is longer I'm getting better- but when my hair was short I was rubbish. I wish I had played with braiding more when my hair was short- its such an easy way to spice up your bangs or create a pretty half up do. Use some bobby pins to pin short hairs in place if they arent long enough to stay in your braid.

6. Learn how to pin curl. Seriously. 

My first failed pin curl attempt
After finally getting the hang of it!

Pin curls seem intimidating, but they actually are quite easy. I learned from watching youtube turtorials (a good place to start is here and here.) Once I knew the basics, I did pin curls all the time on my short hair. Pin curls dont have to give you a super vintage feel either- you can really use the basis of pin curls to create volume, soft curl or full on Shirley Temple head.

Obviously the longer your hair grows, the more you can do- but dont let the length keep you from having fun. If you like wearing hats or scarfs, rock those on days you feel like your hair needs a little help. Dont focus to much on your desperate struggle for long hair and enjoy the time you have left with short hair. Play with it. Do things you always wanted to do but never had the guts to do before. This is your chance- so go for it!

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