Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm crushed between the teeth...

I love Showbread. Their one of the few bands that I feel like have stretched the limits of "Christian music" and made it into one of the most thought provoking, convicting and memorable presentations of the Gospel I've ever encountered. It’s beyond the KLJC or Air One artists. Showbread is diving deep into a world that many Christian artist are afraid to go- true ministry.

Showbread has decided to give away their 5th cd for free through Come&Live, a ministry that is meant to equip musicians to fulfill the calling God placed on their lives for ministry. I think its an incredible thing, and I'm excited to see what God will do through them. Gabe and I have given- will you? If you’re interested- check here for more information . You can also read more about Showbread's decision to leave the 'music industry' and become missionaries in the music field here .
I listened to both Showbreads cd's 'Anorexia' and 'Nervosa' today, and yet again I'm reminded why I love Showbread so much. Those two cds (which coincide with each other) are some of the most creative and intense music I've ever listened too. They both are meant to be listened to while reading a story, which front man Josh Dies (Joshua Porter) wrote. The stories are about two sisters. Anoexia- who chose to climb the latter of success and self made righteousness, and Nervosa- chose the path of self destruction and misery. They are two polar opposites who you see at the end- no matter if one is dying from a disease or the other of a failed abortion- need Jesus Christ's blood to cover them. Although the back story for each cd makes the songs that much more incredible, they can most certainly be listened to alone. Listening to them like regular cd's gives a different but still pungent effect. These cd's are not for the weak of heart (they contain some 'graphic' sound effects), nor for the condemning (one of the stories details a rape and abortion). Yet if you want to open your eyes to the darkness the world lives in and the light which Jesus Christ offers, these two cd's paint a raw, real, and beautiful picture.

Here are the lyrics to "The Journey", the first song on ‘Anorexia’. I've had it stuck in my head all day. You can listen to it by clicking the song title.

The Journey (Anorexia)
The world is big and empty
With tentacles and a mouth
The world was in my body
I'll tear the world out
The mouth yawns open
The mouth never sleepsThe mouth never closes
So I pull out it's teeth

I am lost inside the mouth
I am lost
The world is big and barren
Mostly dying, mostly withered away
Yet with enough machines, it operates
Beeps and buzzes, archs it's treads
Spreads it's legs for me, tilts back it's head
The thing twists it's coils, grinds at my guts
Tightens up around me, forces my heart shut

I am crushed between the teethCrushed between the teeth (2x)

I will be remembered
You will be forgotten
I will be reveredYou will be misplaced
I will crush the world's head
You will drink it's urine
I will be honored
You will be disgraced

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